1. Deep Cleansing of Face Before Going To Bed:

In order to look smart, glamorous and pretty we apply makeup on our face before going out. But ensure that before going to bed you should remove the entire make up from the face so that you can wake up fresh next day and the pores are clean and can breathe overnight properly. Without any excuses wash the face with a deep cleansing face wash or scrubber so that all the dirt, debris is removed and you get a healthy clean skin. You can even clean the face with cleansing milk or raw milk also.

2. Apply Toner On the Face:

After cleaning the face it’s mandatory to apply toner as it helps to tighten the pores and maintain the ph balance of the skin making you appear fresh and relaxed. There are many type of toner available but you can also us rose water which is a natural one and can be refrigerated after use.

3. For Soft Hands Use Hand Cream:

As the hands of the person works through of the day so keep them soft you should take proper care of them during night. Before going to bed you should wash the hands with warm water and a mild soap and pat it dry with a clean towel .Then apply a hand cream or home made fresh cream and gently rub then on hands and palms also then put them under soft gloves so that you have soft, smooth hands once again in the morning.

4. Use Under Eye Cream:

The skin under the eyes is very sensitive and it’s the part that reflects the sign of ageing. So as a daily beauty routine before going to bed apply Vitamin E enriched under eye cream to maintain that beauteous and startling youthful appearance.

5. Switch On Humidifier:

This is another cool and easy way to repair and moisturize the skin is by turning on humidifier in the night. It infuses the air in the bedroom with moisture and helps the skin to stay moist and is beneficial for people who have itchy and cracked skin issues. When the skin gets hydrated overnight then if you desire you can skip the day time moisturizer also.

6. Use Petroleum Jelly For Soft Feet’s:

All of us take good care of face and ignores feet during working hours, but especially during bedtime special attention should be given. After washing the feet, dry them and apply petroleum jelly or a foot cream and massage for two minutes. Then wear a light cotton socks and next morning you can get soft feet like a baby.

7. Sleep On Two Silk Pillows:

All of us sleep with a single pillow below our head but according to many skin specialists it is being suggested to use two pillows. As when you are asleep the gravity helps the blood flow and fluids not to deposit under the eye and on the face and give you a clear face. Try to use silk pillow is silk is made from animals which has amino acids which enhances the beauty of skin. As silk pillows reduces the friction on hairs and allows the skin to retain is natural moisturizer as cotton pillow can fetch you some scratches on the facial skin. So immediately fetch two silk pillows and adds more sparkling look to your beauty.

8. Brush Teeth for No Dental Floss:

As you take good care of every part of the face and body don’t leave the teeth apart as sparkling and while teeth can add more enhanced look to your smile. Ensure that every day before going to bed just for two minutes brush your teeth so that you can feel the fresh breaths and this good habit can keep the germs and cavities away from your teeth. Do this daily and get pearly white shinning teeth.

9. Pay Attention to Cuticles:

Long nails enhance the look of a person so you should take good care of the cuticles. Before going to bed apply coconut oil on the cuticles so that it stays moisturized throughout the night and strengthens the nails also.

10. Tie the Hairs Before Going to Bed:

Make a habit or follow a routine that you braid your hairs properly before going to bed as during sleep damage is caused to hairs. When you are in deep sleep the hairs faces constant friction and rubbing thus if it’s braided it would be saved from it. Another good point would be the voluminous and bounciness in the hair would be retained for next day.

11. Ensure To Treat Pimple Before Going To Bed:

If you’re skin is prone to pimples when bedtime is the best time to treat them and you can get rid of them without any scars and blemishes on the face. You can apply lavender oil on the pimples and get shrink them overnight. You can use spot reduction treatment or serums overnight for best results. So enhance the beauty while you are fast asleep.

12. Treat Your Lips and Eye Lashes Before Going To Bed:

All of us take good care of skin, and unknowingly we leave for lips, eyelashes and eyebrows and do not pay much attention to it. But like other parts of body we should also take good care them. If you want thick, black and long eye lashes along with brows then ensure that before going to bed you should apply castor oil with help of bud or cotton on top of it regularly. In a passage of time you can have thicker and fuller lashes with bows. In order to get beautiful lips ensure to apply a lip balm which will moisturize the lips for whole night.

13. Apply Oil to Hairs:

A lady or a person can look more beautiful if the hair are thick, dense and is free from scalp issues. So make a habit that before going to bed that you massage in circular motion, lukewarm oil on the roots of the hair to make it healthy .You can add few drops of lavender oil as would give to good sleep and even lend to lustrous hairs and make you appear more beautiful than others without pinching the pockets.

14. No More Dark Circle and Puffy Eyes:

As now we all lead a stressful lifestyle and spend most of the time in front of computer and Smartphone, so we need to pay special attention and care to our eyes before going to bed. To get rid of puffy eyes and dark circle you should massage almond oil around the eyes with finger tips so that slowly it vanishes with the passage of time.

15. Sleep Well To Start a New Startling Day:

One most important thing to enhance your beauty is to sleep for at least eight hours in the night. Good sleep is the best remedy to remove patches and dark circles from the face without any struggle and when you are asleep that’s the time the tissue and cells get repaired and rejuvenated. Lack of sleep displays a huge impact on the face so sleep well and look prettier than before.

If you want to look beautiful and startling then it’s mandatory to follow these tips so that you can have a natural beauty on your face and its glow spreads happiness in your life. These tips should not be considered as only beauty tips it should be inculcated as habit and be a part of routine so that it is followed religiously helping you to improve the skin tone, remove blemishes and the skin rejuvenates every day. So now follow these habits and get a radiant looking skin every day and be a talk of the town and easily get praised about your beautiful skin.