Re-Storation Dew – Hydrating Facial Mask 56g/2oz


Dew – Hydrating Facial Mask is the ultimate hydrating skin therapy.

Dew soothes sensitive skin and delivers an abundant dose of extreme moisture to all skin types.

The powerful hydrating force in Dew joins with vitamins, antioxidants and botanicals to boost moisture levels, rejuvenate the skin and diminish signs of aging.

Cucumber, Calendula and Aloe Vera hydrate, refine, soften and nourish, while Evening Primrose and Eucalyptus restore and refresh your complexion.



This hydrating facial mask is an ultimate skin therapy Soothes sensitive skin & replenishes abundant moisture to all skin Incredibly rejuvenates skin & reduces signs of aging Protects skin against environmental aggressors Nourishes with vitamins & relieves stressed skin Leaves skin velvety soft, smooth & young looking


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